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Monthly Membership

$ 50/mo for 12 mo* PROMOTIONAL COST ONLY Each Lesson $50 plus $100 initiation fee. Purchase all 12 lesson and the cost is $359.64 ($29.97. each lesson)


What You Get:

Learn what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle when you take this comprehensive online Health and Nutrition course, which is designed to cover the digestive system, nutrients, energy, metabolism, diets, and more.

Health and Nutrition for Beginners Course. Each lesson Takes an average of 60 minutes’ to two hours to complete.


Full Monthly Membership

$ 37/mo* For this special discounted membership you must be a member for a minimum of 6 months.

*You will also receive information that will teach you “Structure Thinking against accidental disorderly and chaotic Thinking” – Consider this: who teaches us to think, who teaches us how to think? who thought you how to think?

No one, they all just thought you what to think. Think about the advice you had from your parents and from the TV and your friends growing up! And even now, you should be afraid, you should be worried, that is all what to think.

You will find when you look that they all teach you what to THINK and unknowingly they assume that we know how to THINK! For example, don’t think negatively, think positively, that’s what to think again. Learn HOW TO THINK with this new concept.

Most people are trained to think this way… Firstly by our parents and then by society in general. This is a situation of one person originally doing it the wrong way generations ago and then everyone copying them…

When a person can control their mind and learn how to think… may actually be exactly what they need to do next in life…

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Advance Membership with private Consultation.

$50 + $ 229/mo*

SPECIAL MONTHLY COACHING MEMBERSHIP – Super Health Inner Circle Coaching Membership.

  • The initial evaluation requires two sessions; out of town patients must come to Boynton Beach, Florida to be evaluated. The first meeting involves a complete history, and usually takes an hour. In this session Dr. Galant evaluates and decides if you qualify for his program. If you do not qualify he will give you instructions for your best approach to your problem. The second session may takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half: during this session, Dr. Galant reviews in depth his evaluation and the results. In addition, he reviews the patient’s diet, supplement, and detoxification programs, and in some cases Hypnosis & Visualization. This Trade Mark system is called “The Galant Total Health Program”. Before an appointment can be made, prospective patients must contact the office for further information. All prospective patients must relay the details of their case to the office in a 10-15 minute phone interview. Dr. Galant then reviews this material, and if he approves, an appointment can then be scheduled. It is necessary for the patients themselves to call; not only does this give us more accurate information, but it also allows us to be sure that the patient understands the high degree of motivation and commitment the program demands.