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The Paradise Diet

Devoted to those fable foods which delight the eye, tantalize the sense of smell and captivate the palate, this lesson teaches you about wonderful foods which we are physiologically equipped to handle - foods which, therefore, build magnificent health. Preparing and serving these fine foods is a snap for they're the fastest of the world's "fast Foods." Most of these delightful foods are commonly available to you. Especially you will enjoy learning about the "foods of the wise," a legendary commonly available fruit that the sages and philosophers of ancient times ate so much of.


The Elixir of life

Also entitled The Fountain of Youth Formula. It reveals the touchstones for rejuvenation, extended youth and a long rewarding life. In fact this lesson will teach you how to look and feel up to 20 years younger within 30 days!


Correct Food Combining for Easy Digestion and Wonderful Health

You can overcome most digestive problems very quickly, within twenty-four hours! By eating foods that are compatible in digestive chemistry, you can live in peace with your stomach and free yourself of bad breath, indigestion, heart-burn, gassy emissions and a host of other intestinal discomforts.


The Nature and Purpose of Disease.

When you understand that health is normal and natural and that sickness and suffering are abnormal and unnatural, thus being unnecessary - when you learn that all diseases fulfill a definite physiological role if they are caused, you'll cease to fear disease - you'll cease to have sicknesses for you'll discontinue those practices which cause disease



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